About Describeit

As homeowners ourselves, we know the proposals we want to see and the tools we want to use. We set out to give landscapers and contractors the tools they need to meet those expectations.

The landscaping industry is still conducted like it’s 1985. Many contractors and designers are providing their customers with paper and pencil designs complete with abbreviated latin plant names and an underwhelming spreadsheet invoice.

At Describeit, we see the marketplace as a tale of two buckets. On the one hand we have projects that are between $1k and $20k and make up almost 80% of the entire marketshare in the United States. These projects are ideal for Landscapers because they have great profit margins, little effort to sell, and can be completed in a two days or less. On the other hand, we have large, complex projects that range from $20k and up. These projects have huge revenue streams, but they need subcontractors, multiple days and multiple crews to complete, and long sales campaigns that eat into the profit margins.

“We would do these small projects all day long if only there was a way to win them.”Jody Shilan, President NJNLA

The landscapers we know, they want those smaller projects because they could do them with little headache and fantastic profit margins. They tell us the reason that they don’t pursue them is that they can’t efficiently sell them. They can’t invest the time to put together stunning proposals for a project that only costs $2500. They don’t want to compete on offering the lowest price because its not worth it just to be underbid.

Describeit breaks this cycle by giving landscapers the ability to compete on these projects with beautiful proposals generated in minutes that don’t eat into their profit margins and give their prospects something to consider other than the lowest prices.

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