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Describeit was created to be simple to use, yet powerful and efficient increasing your bottom line. Learn more about how it can benefit you and your company by growing your sales, improving your customer relationships, streamlining your employee’s workload, and ultimately increasing your profits by leaps and bounds.

Sales & Estimating

  • Quotes and estimates are the key to growing your business, but putting them together can often be tedious and boring. Describeit makes it simple, fast, and efficient so you can get back to what you love.

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Project Management

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  • Getting sales is only the first step of the process. Now you have to deliver a high quality, successful project to your customer. Describeit gives you the tools you need to manage your team, your projects, and your happy customers.

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Administration & Insights

  • Overseeing and managing your company is important to keeping your business running smoothly, but it can be a full time job following up on everything that’s happening. Describeit gives you this information in easily digestible reports and simple tools.

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