Understand Your Data, Maximize Profits

Understand how your company is running, how your customers are responding, and how your bottom line is growing.

Understanding what’s happening in your business is critical to make sure money isn’t walking out the door. See real-time analysis of your margins, employee activity, and your expenses. Recognize when your customers are happy and when they aren’t.

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Company Reporting

See incredible details about your projects, customers, profits, and employees. Be confident that you are making money, satisfying your customers, and maximizing your employees efficiency with company insights.

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    • Profit Analysis
      Don’t just sell, know how much you are making with every deal and have confidence that you aren’t losing money

    • Revenue By Employee
      See who your most productive employees are and where you can improve efficiency

    • Revenue By Project
      See where you are making most of your money and what’s most profitable

    • Inventory Pull Sheets
      Generate a list of products your crew needs to pull for every project from the inventory yard

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Team Management

Manage your teams with confidence and know that they are doing what needs to be done in the amount of time that you have proposed.

    • Time Tracking
      Track the hours your employees are working on each project and know whether your budgeting hours correctly

    • SMS Time Entry
      Crews can text their time check-in and check-out right from their own mobile phones. No apps or login required

    • Team Assignments
      Construct your teams once and assign them as a group to projects individually or on a repeat basis

    • GPS Tracking (Coming Soon)
      Track your crews and know that they are where they are supposed to be

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Customer Marketing

Highlight your brand and put your best foot forward. Letting your customers find you and purchase from you online drives sales and increases your bottom line.

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    • Business Profile
      Make sure that you are the first result that comes up when prospects search for you on the internet

    • Website Integration (Coming Soon)
      Embed powerful sales tools into your existing websites to drive sales automatically

    • Self-Service Sales (Coming Soon)
      Let prospects that already know what they want simply purchase from you without any extra roadblocks. Just fill the order

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Mobile Tools

Your job takes you in to the field, Describeit lets you take your tools with you wherever you are. You just need a wi-fi or a cell signal.

    • View Proposals
      Let customers see their proposals and sign off on them wherever they are and on any device

    • View Tasks/Teams
      Reference assigned tasks and teams from the road without calling back to the office

    • Online Payments
      Collect payments from your customers on the spot and don’t wait for the check in the mail

    • SMS Time Tracking
      Let team members track check-in and check-out with a text message

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