Informed Customers, More Closed Sales

Giving customers the information they need to make a decision allows them to accept your proposal without interruption or hurdles

Describeit gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily create stunning proposals and get them delivered to your prospects with little effort.  Quickly look up customers, reference beautiful catalog photos, and observe your customer’s buying behavior.

  • analytics
  • reminders
  • costing

Quotes & Estimates

Get quotes and estimates to your customers when they want them and capture the impulse to buy. More excitement means more closed deals and that means more on your bottom line.

  • quotes
    • Deliver Proposals Online
      Increase sales by delivering proposals in half the time of the old fashioned way

    • Job Costing
      Ensure your making money on every job you sell with pre-defined proft margins and markups

    • Automatic Reminders
      Stay in front of your customers to ensure the sale gets closed with auto reminders

    • Proposal Analytics
      Understand what your prospects are doing with your proposals and know when to call them back

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Customer Management

Know who your customers are and what they are buying from you to resell and upsell them effectively. Referrals and upsells mean improved profit margins for you.

    • Stay Organized
      Have access to all of your customers, prospects, and referrals in one place. Sort, filter, and find quickly

    • Detailed History
      Quickly pull up the information you need for your customers, see what you closed sales, open invoices, and pending payments all in one place

    • Automatic Reminders
      Don’t let sales fall through the cracks and don’t lose out on pending payments. Follow up automatically and get paid.

    • Marketing Follow Up
      Leverage existing customers for upsell and follow up sale opportunities and turn your biggest fans into cash machines

  • contacts
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Product Catalog

Get your customers excited about what they’re buying with detailed descriptions and stunning photos of your products. Set it up once and use it every time after.

  • catalog
    • Product Details
      Write amazing descriptions or use ours and recall them on every proposal so your customers understand what they’re buying

    • Multi-Photo Uploads
      Photos are worth 1,000 words. Don’t just tell, but show your customers what they’re buying

    • PlantAnt™ Integration
      With PlantAnt™, find the closest suppliers and the best whole sale prices for every job your pitching

    • Catalog Export
      Save your catalog whenever you need to

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