Meet Expectations, Get Paid On Time

Meet and exceed your customer’s expectations on the project delivery and make sure you get paid on time every time

Customer satisfaction is critical to growing your business with referrals and future services. Describeit gives you and your customers the tools you need to interact, pay you on time, and see when your work will be completed.

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Project Management

Manage project deliverables, customer expectations, and team activity to ensure that you don’t just deliver to your customer’s needs but you exceed them and make them fans for life.

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    • Track Project Success
      Don’t just win the sale, deliver awesome and drive referrals by making sure projects are delivered on time and successfully

    • Job Costing
      Ensure you are making money on every job you deliver with expenses, timesheets, and project actuals

    • Time Tracking
      Don’t lose money on labor, know what your team is doing and when. Let them log their hours right from their cellphone

    • Routing (Coming Soon)
      Optimize your team’s tasks to save time, money, and wear and tear on your vehicles

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Online Billing & Payments

Manage invoices and payments so that you get paid for the work you do. Don’t leave money on the table and don’t make your customers work to pay you.

    • Invoicing
      Keep track of who owes you money and when they owe it. Don’t leave money on the table or falling through the cracks

    • Online Payments
      Get paid quickly and easily by giving your customers simple tools to pay you

    • Recurring Billing
      Automatically collect payment for your maintenance projects and don’t find yourself chasing customers for money

    • QuickBooks Sync
      Keep your QuickBooks accounts in sync with your Describeit projects and payments. Don’t do the work twice

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Project & Task Scheduling

Track pending work so your crews stay busy and your efficiency stays maximized. Exceed customer expectations by letting them know when to expect deliverables.

  • schedules
    • Task Filtering
      Sort and filter your tasks by team or project to easily see what needs to get done and when

    • Auto-Recurring Tasks
      Set maintenance tasks once and let Describeit remember them for you

    • Automatic Reminders
      Send notifications and reminders to customers to inform them of upcoming work. Notify your team as well.

    • SMS Notifications (Coming Soon)
      Send text messages to customers when you are close to them to let them know you are almost there via GPS

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