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DescribeIt will be exhibiting at MANTS this year. Will you be there? The dates of the show are Wednesday, January 14 through Friday January 16, at the Baltimore Convention Center. This will be my first year there as an exhibitor, but I went just about every year I was in the landscape design business. Here’s how I streamlined my visit:

  • Figure out why you’re going. Are you looking for new growers to work with? Are you looking for new stone or paver suppliers? Software? It’s a huge show and the “ooh shiny!” factor gets all of us. If you know what types of products you’re looking for you can be a bit more focused and you won’t accidentally skip those vendors because there was really cool equipment on display (guilty).
  • Check out the website in advance, or the exhibitor book the day of your visit, and figure out where the folks you want to see are. If they’re clustered, that’s a great place to start your visit.
  • Don’t get carried away with catalogs. The reality is that most vendors have price lists they can email you, and last year several growers had their catalogs on USB drives. Again, it’s a huge show. That bag full of paper will get really heavy halfway through.
  • Keep a really open mind. I’ve formed relationships with vendors who sure didn’t seem like a fit on paper but their product offerings were fascinating. You’ll probably be at MANTS for a day. The other 364 days, you’d have to Google and ask around to find these same folks and what they can offer your business.

Perhaps most importantly, come visit us in the DescribeIt booth! We’ll be walking people through the software and answering questions. We’re in booth # 1922, can’t wait to see you!

If your pressed for time and tired of working with software that’s too complicated for your business, give Describeit a shot and get your first proposal out the door in 5 minutes for free.
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