Is your time really free?

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I’m an expert at wasting time, which is why I do that activity at least once a year (bad habits, and all that). It’s a fantastic exercise if you want to be more productive, because just the act of logging “scrolled through Facebook AGAIN, 11 minutes” makes you much more resolute about being productive from that point forward. Whether you’re talking about time you spend at work or on your own time, your time has value.


Would knowing the dollar value of your time change the way you work?

We all get 168 hours per week. That’s 24 hours a day x 7 days if you want to check my math. Extra hours of unbillable time at work take away time from other areas of our lives. What is that time worth to you? If you want help putting an actual dollar figure on it,  Chris Guillebeau has created an intriguing tool that helps you calculate how much your time is worth – to you. You plug in how many hours you work and how much you get paid. But then you’re asked a number of questions that help you put a number value on your time. It’s a great thought exercise and it only takes about five minutes. Go do it, I’ll wait here.

Applying the value of your time to working hours

A large part of what Chris Guillebeau’s calculator is about is free time. As business owners, or as salaried managers, or as commission sales reps, we accept that there is a certain amount of time  we have to invest that doesn’t show an immediate return. A lot of this can’t be automated. For example, you can’t really automate managing and developing your employees. Are you automating the areas you should be automating? One of the most interesting questions in the time/value calculator asked you how much you’d pay for the use of a machine that would reduce a 4 hour task to two minutes. What was your answer?

Of course I’m going to mention Describeit. Think about the hours every year that you’re losing by not using Describeit. Now multiply that number by the value you put on your free time. I guarantee you that number far, far exceeds the cost of a one year license of our powerful landscape sales and presentation software.

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