Make it personal: how using the street view feature helps close jobs

Dave Marciniak Describeit, Marketing

We’ve all been there. Twenty minutes into the presentation you’re going through the plan drawing, everything seems great… and then the homeowner points at the pool and says “wait, this is my house, right?”

Sometimes you’re working with a homeowner who isn’t really able to grasp their property in plan view. Other times, you may be doing a project that’s large enough to need documentation, but it doesn’t really require a plan drawing, That’s where Describeit’s Google integration comes into play.

There are two ways to add Google satellite or street view images to your proposals. If you’ve already created a section in your proposal, click on Add Design and you’ll be prompted to upload your own photo or plan drawing, or to use satellite or street view imagery.


Alternately, if you’re creating a new section, you’ll be prompted to choose between a line item only section, an uploaded image (plan or photo), or satellite/street view imagery.


Let’s see what happens when we select the option to use the satellite or street view images. Because you put in the client address when you started the proposal, Describeit automatically pulls in the data for that property. If you want to use the satellite image, click Save Design and you can start mapping your line items to the image.


If you’d rather use street view, click on the blue button in the upper left corner. It’ll change from Satellite to Street View when the street view is active. Same as before, you can click Save Design and get started.


What’s amazing is how powerful this simple tool can be for closing sales. While many customers don’t understand plan drawings, it’s much easier for them to look at a photo of the front of their house and understand what is happening and where. As we all know, homeowners don’t buy what they can’t understand. Make it easy for them with Describeit and our Google integration.


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Dave Marciniak

I started in the industry in high school and then moved to San Diego which was the source of two revelations. I worked for a firm doing amazing estates on the coast learning a little about everything from masonry to irrigation to electrical. I later ran the grounds crew for the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA, which is where I discovered how amazing modern architecture can be. I later moved to Virginia and worked for an amazing landscape design-build firm for three years before hanging out a shingle and starting my own firm.

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