When should you hire a landscaper?

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If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you keep a busy schedule between work, family, hobbies, and so much more. Maybe you enjoy working on your home landscaping, or maybe it’s not your favorite weekend activity. When we talk about hiring a landscaper, you can hire someone for individual projects or to care for your property on a regular basis. How do you know when you should hire a landscaper?

When the job requires specialized equipment

Many landscape projects can be accomplished with hand tools or basic power tools found at any big box home improvement store. Other projects may call for tools or machinery you probably don’t have. That can mean aerators, slice seeders, jackhammers, even mini-excavators and skid steers.

miniexcavatorWhile many of these tools are available at your local rental yard, it’s often more economical to hire someone who has the equipment. And of course, there’s the learning curve involved in using a new piece of equipment. A mistake with an 8,000 pound excavator can turn a simple weekend project into a prolonged chat with your insurance agent.

When the job requires specialized training and/or education

Over the years we’ve seen beautiful lawns and stunning landscapes crafted by homeowners just like you. Talk to the homeowner, however, and you soon realized that they’ve invested a lot of time learning how to do what they did. Hiring a landscape professional to design and install your plantings means that they’ll select plants that will do well in your yard. Expensive, top quality plants won’t hear “but the tag said…” and magically come back to life.

when to hire a lawn care company

Aisles of bags filled with fertilizers and weed controls products can convince any enthusiastic homeowner that a five minute chat with a guy in an apron can make them a lawncare expert. There’s more to it than reading a label, though. Have you done a soil test? Do you know how to interpret the results? Do you know how much fertilizer will burn your lawn, or what herbicide does more harm than good if applied at the wrong time? A trained, experienced pro can ensure that you’re only paying for the products and applications that you need.

When you just don’t have the time

The dedicated “weekend warriors” we’ve met often fall into one of two camps. They’re folks who love working with their hands and seeing the fruits of their own work, or they’re folks who love saving money. If you’re one of the former, we know you’ll do everything you can to avoid hiring a landscaper. Otherwise, though – what’s your time worth to you?


There’s something magical about hiring a landscape professional and coming home to find a project completed, to find your lawn neat and tidy, or to see that plastic “keep off the grass, we fertilized” sign sticking up next to the curb. Time spent working in the yard is time that could be spent squeezing in extra time at work. More importantly, it’s time that could be spent with the people you care about, or doing something you love. Bringing in a professional can be like buying back some of your free time.

Why don’t more people hire a landscaper?

A lot of homeowners don’t hire a landscape professional for their project because they just don’t enjoy the process. It seems complex, it can take a while to get a quote, and you’re never really sure of what you’re actually going to get for your money. If you’re just starting the process of finding a landscape professional for your project, ask them if they use Describeit. Our software allows contractors to quickly put together accurate, detailed proposals. These proposals help you buy with confidence, because we make it easy to ensure you and your landscape professional are on the same page from the start. Good luck with your next landscape project!

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